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Syria: 60 political dissidents free thanks to amnesty .

Verantwortlicher Autor: El arabi Bouhafa Verona ( It ), 19.05.2022, 07:41 Uhr
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Verona ( It ) [ENA] At the moment there are about sixty Syrian activists and dissidents freed in Syria at war by virtue of the amnesty announced last Saturday by the president, Bashar al Assad. This was reported by the National Observatory for Human Rights in Syria, which confirms and updates a previous budget reported to ANSA by Syrian judicial sources and human rights lawyers in Damascus.

Previously, Syrian lawyers had published a preliminary list of around twenty activists and dissidents released in the last few hours, some after ten years in prison, one of whom was sentenced to death. The sources of the Observatory now say that for now there are about 60 people released in various regions of Syria under government control. Human rights experts in Syria say that the amnesty decided by Assad two days ago, in correspondence with Eid-el-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, represents a novelty compared to previous amnesties, because it concerns political crimes, de-classified in the controversial anti-terrorism law of 2012 .

the anti-terrorism law of 2012 was effectively applied to suppress forms of dissent and opposition political activism. Presidential decree n.7 signed on Saturday by Assad provides for an amnesty for crimes committed by 30 April last. Lawyer Muhammad al Abdallah published a preliminary list of 20 released people this morning, all activists in prison for at least 3.5 years. Some of them had been in prison since violence broke out in the country eleven years ago.

One of the released inmates was sentenced to the death penalty. This amnesty does not apply to those who have committed blood crimes. Some lawyers, such as Michel Shammas who has been exiled abroad for years, claim that this amnesty is a ploy of the central government and of Assad to improve their image at home and abroad. Other Syrian human rights lawyers, such as Aref Shaal, a resident of Damascus, say that this amnesty differs in part from the others, previously decided by Assad in recent years, because it also affects dissidents and activists and not just ordinary criminals. Translated by El arabi Bouhafa ( )

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