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Algeria : is the cause of the Moroccan-Tunisian crisis.

Verantwortlicher Autor: El arabi Bouhafa Verona ( it ), 19.09.2022, 23:39 Uhr
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Verona ( it ) [ENA] An article published by the French newspaper 'Le Monde' entitled 'Algeria mobilizes Tunisia in its conflict with Morocco' attributed the causes of the diplomatic crisis between Morocco and Tunisia against the backdrop of the latter's reception of the separatist Polisario Front leader at the end of last August, to Algeria's tightening of control over Tunisia, which is on the verge of Financial bankruptcy.

Le Monde expected that this crisis would be prolonged due to Morocco's unwillingness to surrender easily, describing this escalation as unprecedented and new to the strategic balances of the Maghreb region, whose stability has already weakened due to the Algerian-Moroccan rift. Morocco considers that Tunisian President Kais Saied is facing the red line of diplomatic decency by welcoming Polisario leader Ibrahim Ghali.

The insult occurred at Tunis-Carthage airport, on the eve of the opening of the eighth summit of the Japan-Africa Forum. It is a step contrary to the diplomatic tradition of Tunisia, which until then remained “neutral” in this desert conflict between Rabat and Algeria, the main supporter of the separatist Polisario Front. The shift in Tunisia's position, according to Le Monde, has appeared since the election of Kais Saied in 2019, and more specifically since his coup in July last year, thanks to which he assumed full power.

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