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Journalist Bahja Bouhafa being assaulted by a responsible.

Verantwortlicher Autor: El arabi Bouhafa Verona ( It ), 19.06.2022, 11:12 Uhr
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El kelaa Des Sraghna
El kelaa Des Sraghna  Bild: Elarabi Bouhafa

Verona ( It ) [ENA] May 30th, colleague Bahja Bouhafa , a journalist on Elwajiha news platform, was insulted, by a high responsible in the prefecture of Ekelaa Des Sraghna province . The professional journalist heard from this person many offensive phrases in her own person and that caused her to severe a depression.

The victim of this arbitrariness and immoral male "bullying" indicates that one of the harsh phrases heard by the journalist from the arrogant employee was his sentence: you are worthless, and you are only crazy walking on the ground. In a brief call with the journalist Bhija Bouhafa, following this heinous assault on the only media woman representing the territory, the journalist expressed her appeal and insistence to meet the Governor of His Majesty's on the territory of El kalee Des Saragna, in order to redress the damage done to her by an employee.

In the same vein, the media threatened to turn to the Minister of the Interior in the event that Mr. Wahir of the Territory did not respond to her request, or refused to receive her after the attack from a member of his staff. On several occasions, the journalist Bhaijah Bouhafa was subjected to a range of physical harassment and attacks that also prolonged electronic devices that help her to carry out the task as a journalist, but she refused to pursue the aggressors judicially. But this time is not like her predecessors, where she threatened the aggrieved journalist to go too far with her case, knocking on several doors until her right came back to her.

Report / Journalist : El arabi Bouhafa , European News Agency .

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